Fox’s Socks Dress Up

What did we do?

This morning we breathed new life into Fox’s Socks with a bit of dressing up. If you’re not familiar with this Julia Donaldson lift-the-flap book, we join ‘poor old Fox’ in his quest to find his missing socks, uncovering a range of other garments in unlikely places along the way.

In no time at all I grabbed:
• Vest
• Shirt
• Hat
• Socks
• Bow tie (a long-neglected relic from hub’s Christmas do!)
Fox’s Socks
…and we were off.

For extra fun factor, I used some items of my own rather than the girls’. The novelty and cuteness of dressing up in mummy’s clothes has yet to wear off.

It was super simple. Each time Fox would find an item of clothing and dress in it, the girls would dress up too.

How did it go?
Once we got started, the girls LOVED it. It’s worth noting that if you’re doing this with multiple kids, you might want multiple items. We did have a brief foot-stamp-off as both wanted to wear the socks, but this was quickly resolved by a trip to Daddy’s sock drawer!

No sooner had we finished than A was demanding that we do it again. Fantastic! Exactly the response I wanted.

Four run throughs later, V vanished, returning with Room on the Broom, which we read while A marched around in full Fox attire. She wasn’t interested in Room on the Broom and I wasn’t going to force her to listen. A, clearly still inspired by Fox’s Socks, then fetched Hide and Seek Pig, another in the series, which we briefly examined (she didn’t want to read it) before embarking on a round of ‘Hide and Seek.’

It was also interesting to see how we ended up with three Donaldson/Scheffler books, two of which the girls selected. It shows how early kids could be aware of styles of language and pictures. Something to think about for future activities, definitely.

If I’d have just tried to read Fox’s Socks with them, I know it would either have been to a grudging audience, humouring mummy before they are released again, or it would have just failed entirely. Instead, with a dash of playtime added to the mix, it was a lovely half an hour, with minimal clearing up and fun memories for us all.

How can you use this?
There are so many ways to apply this.
• Kids can dress up as characters
• If the characters are dressing they can do so too
• If you’ve got book with uniformed characters, see what’s in the dressing up box

Let me know in the comments if you gave it a go and how it went.
Thanks for reading!

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