Book Squirms Basics

Is story time is feeling a little flat? Have you got an impatient little wriggler? Worried your little ones books are more for show than for fun? Then this is the place for you. Find activities and ideas to help integrate books, stories and reading into your kids’ fun and games.

It’s easy for books to become part of the furniture. With so many amazing toys and television shows, kids can easily miss the amazing worlds on offer through reading. Let’s develop a love of books that is enduring and rewarding for you and your little Book Squirms!

The Book Squirms Blog approach is:

  1. To make kids’ experiences with books and reading as much fun as possible
  2. To direct the energy of little ones; to use it not lose it
  3. To help children see the importance of books and reading in the wider world

Why Book Squirms?

Well, pre-schoolers are just so darned wriggly.

In the early days, I’d pick up The Gruffalo or What a Busy Baby with romantic visions dancing through my head of rapt children listening eagerly as I used voices, props and actions to bring our favourite tales to life. Of course, this was utter fantasy. Nine times out of ten I’d end up wrestling with one in a vain attempt to keep her still in my lap, while the other decided the book would be just as good to eat as it would be to read, and the whole thing would be given up as a bad job. Then we’d go back to building blocks, watching Peppa or something else that made me feel like a big fat failure for having not fostered an all-consuming love of books in my then three-year-old livewire and my one-year-old eating machine.

I decided a change of approach was needed. Pre-schoolers are very unlikely to sit and listen for long. Their wriggly nature just doesn’t allow for it.  Traditional story time clearly wasn’t the way forward for us so I went a different route to get the girls enjoying books. I decided to embrace the energy of kids and bring stories, books and characters to life. I aim to make them an integrated, tangible part of my kids’ play. There’s plenty of time for taking books seriously; for now, we’re far more focused on having fun with them.

It’s working pretty well, which is why I want to share. Happily, books are now much more a part of our day to day lives and play, not just ornamental and gathering dust. Here’s the thing; now that I’m reconciled with the wriggly, squirmy nature of my littles, now that I harness that energy instead of fighting it, we have so much more FUN with books and reading.