A good old-fashioned sort out

I live in a house of book lovers, but that love doesn’t always translate to tender loving care. I’ll admit it, I’m a page folder. Even when I know for a fact there are at least five bookmarks in the house, I still favour a folded page. My justification: Book marks fall out, but pages stay folded.  Full disclosure, I’m a binding-breaker, an accidental food-flicker and a water-marker too. I’m also a huge fan of the cram-it-on-the-shelf-as-quickly-as-possible school of tidying.

The shelfie of shame

Until a few days ago, our books and shelves were looking pretty sorry for themselves with everything jammed in higgledy-piggledy, particularly the girls’ book shelves, which see way more traffic than the grown ups’. It took a brave person with plenty time on their hands to dive in and try to extract their book of choice.

A good deal tidier, but not exactly inspiring

On Sunday, I finally rolled up my metaphorical sleeves and had a thorough sort out.  The books tattered enough to be unreadable (don’t worry, there weren’t too many) were consigned to the great library in the sky and I’ve had a good old-fashioned organising session, but there’s scope for a whole lot more creativity and fun.

One of the things I love about good libraries and reading corners is that they are visually appealing as well as organised. Pinterest abounds with amazing examples of reading areas ; at present we have nothing of the sort.

So that’s this summer’s big project sorted then: To create a gorgeous reading haven that will delight the girls for years to come. No big deal. The little project is to sort out their books and be more creative in their presentation and organisation.

As a starting point, I’ve called upon our sling book shelf to store little animal themed collections of picture books. We’ve got a dog shelf, cat shelf, bear shelf and bunny shelf. It’s a very simple idea, but the girls were fascinated when five bunny books appeared all at once last night and then went back into the same place.


Dog shelf books

I intend to change the themes fairly regularly and have loads of ideas for collections. Towards the end of summer there will definitely be a starting school/making friends theme emerging. I’m hoping to enlist the girls in picking themes and books once they get the idea. It could be a nice library activity one day.


I’d love to hear in the comments how you organise your children’s books; I’m always searching for inspiration, but usually resort to size for the sake of neatness!

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